Steve Freedom

Steven Freedom was born in Cape Town, South Africa and studied classical and jazz music with violin, guitars, keys, and percussion from the age of seven. A passionate Improviser-DJ of Live Electronic Music, Steve infuses his roots African Rhythms and Jazz with Soul, Funk and Nu-Disco, in real-time, to create Deep-house, Minimal and Techno. He is well known in the dance music scene around Europe, Australia and South Africa and currently ranked at No.1 in House music on, Cape Town and South Africa also previously ranking at No.1 in Berlin.

For the past year Steve has been developing a software program called Traktomizer and now that development phase one is completed, tested and released, Steve is looking forward to getting back in the studio to make another album – which will be, shall we say ‘Traktomized!’

After a highly creative and successful twenty year career as an Internet Guru, Steve returned to music production and performance a few years ago to pursue his first deep love of music.

Steve has been seen performing live in cities like Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and Sydney alongside Dj’s like Jake The Rapper (Bar 25), Charlie Delhom (Safari Numerique), Rainer Serrat (Serialism Records), Chack Besh (manage8), Andre Wakko (Tonkind), Boogleman (H.E.R.B.), Sese (Bar 25), Dirty Doering (Bar 25), Empro (Bar 25) and Hippie Stress (Bachstelzen). at venues like Bar 25 (Berlin), Wilde Renata (Berlin), ZMF (Berlin), Club Maria (Berlin), Belushis (Paris). Steve collaborates with underground rainmakers like Ricardo Ferreira (Tonkind, Orphic Records, Chameleon Records), Andre Wakko (Tonkind, Kindisch Records, Britta Arnold & Philip Bader), Mama- Simone (Ohne Vertrag), Yannick Robins (Riot Riot Technique rec., Liftyourheadup Rec.), Sander Markey (Indie), Marcela Donato (Cia de Danca da Cidade, Lia Rodrigues, Clébio Oliveira and Dani Lim) and many other top Artists on the Euro/Australian underground music scene.

In 2009 Steve topped the charts with seven (7) number #1 hits across multiple genres. 2010 saw Steve go to number #1 on the Berlin Dance music charts on, the world’s largest Indie Music promotion website with over 2.5 million musicians, labels and venues. He has remained in the top 5 ever since.

In early 2011 Steve performed in Goa, Mamalapuram and New Delhi, India, where he played Djembe alongside DJ’s Tiago Oudman (The Bastards, Portugal), Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglauben, Berlin) and Hippie Stress (Bachstelzen, Berlin), at TLR ‘The Living Room”.

Steve was signed to the well loved and established Swedish label ‘Kung Fu Dub Recordings’ in early 2013 with the release of his new EP “When You’re Gone From Me” with remixes by John Gham and Nick Staff.

Steve has also been the resident DJ at one of Berlin’s number one after hour-locations, Club Maria, playing the famous ‘Mondays-Off’.

At six (6) years old (in 1972) Steve’s mom surprised him by taking him to see the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra. He was so excited when he met Pierre Amoyal, the famous violinist, backstage, that he demanded from his mom to learn the violin. That night was the beginning of his life- long love of music and within weeks he received a good quality violin from an aunt in the UK and began his sixteen (16) year-long training in classical and jazz music. At thirteen (13) years old he won a local Lego competition and received his first ever vinyl record, by Michael Jackson, called ‘Off The Wall’. Throughout his teens Steve was influenced by Kwela and Reggae, as well as Blue-Note Jazz, The Classicists, Soul, Funk, Disco and Rock and he played in cover bands with tunes like “Who Can It Be Now”, by the Police, “Night Fever”, the Bee Gees, and “Ladies Night” by Cool and the Gang. He also played in school and local classical orchestras as well as jazz bands with rising stars like guitarist, James Scholfield and drummer, Steven Gordon.

Throughout school life Steve studied violin, piano and electronic keys, rhythm and lead guitars, bass guitar and drums, djembe and bongos, continuing on with Jazz Harmony and Arrangement and African Rhythm under tutelage by Michael Campbell at the University of Cape Town, while simultaneously studying with world renowned Vibraphone virtuoso Merton Barrow, at the Jazz Workshop, at Die Waterkant.

Steve Freedom is one of the founding members of “Playground Int.”, that was established in 2010, an International Artist Collective located in Berlin, Germany. It is dedicated to Collaboration, Creation and Presentation of all forms of art, using a variety of media. The Group creates extravagant experiences in mutant spaces and addresses themes like installation, recycling, DJ-Culture and Synthesthesia, as well as providing visibility for emerging International Artists.

Traktomizer is Steve’s brainchild and now in full-swing and constant development with regular maintenance and multiple planned releases for the coming months and years.
Steve has a passion for software development with 25 years experience in designing and producing B2B, desktop, mobile and web-apps, for clients in the U.S.A, Germany, South Africa and Australia; including Deutsche-Bahn, Chubb, Sydney Casino, Rugby World Cup SA, and hundreds more.

Having met hundreds of struggling Musical-Passionistas while traveling and playing around the world, Steve decided to turn his attention and software development talents to figuring out a way to help musicians recover from the bewildering shake-down the music industry has experienced for over 15 years and which seems to know no end. Passion for making and listening prevails – people can’t live a day without music – but its value has been lost to free downloads which compared to any other industry is, in Steve’s words, ‘plain and simple rape, pillage and piracy if we’re calling a spade a spade’.

Eighteen months and a tremendous effort later, Steve has produced the first software song optimization for getting streaming music plays. Finally, the Musician’s Game-Changer is here. It’s purpose is to identify song optimizations that maximize recommendations and music discovery, so that musicians can access the new streaming music economy for profit with music favored by the recommendation algorithms which are responsible for generating a billion playlists everyday. The slogan reads: ‘When you understand how a robot promoted music you should make it promote yours’.

Steve Freedom is currently in South Africa making refinements to Traktomizer and plans to create his next album and another Euro-India-Australia Music Tour in 2016.

Nelson Mandela in the House

by Steve Freedom | Nelson Mandela